November’s Frosty Full Moon

Full Beaver Moon, Full Snow Moon, and the Full Hunter’s Moon are just a few of the names associated with this month’s Full Moon. They all speak to what is going on at this time of the year. The beaver are active in getting ready for the cold, frozen months ahead. Trappers are laying their traps to catch the beaver so their warm furry pelts can be used to keep out the cold winter winds.

Somethings haven’t changed over the years. We still have hunters and trappers, although they may not be hunting and trapping for all the same reasons. But the weather is definitely frosty, and the snows have already made their presence known.

As we move through the month of November … a month requiring a great deal of perseverance, we can see changes taking place all around us. How easy it would be to lose sight of our own journey … that which we started so many months ago. How easy it would be to fall prey to the negativity so abundant these days. Change creates anxiety, fear and a desire to return to the ‘known’. And, November has definitely presented its challenges … with both positive and negative changes taking place!

The Full Moon is always a good time for reflection. So take a moment and direct your focus and attention on those things that have been working out in a favorable way. Avoid analyzing what has gone wrong, and focus on all that has gone right.

As we move closer and closer to 2014 and all it has to offer up to us, it becomes more and more important for you to stay focused and positive.

One thought on “November’s Frosty Full Moon

  1. I was not sure where to show my gratitude to all of the individuals who donated the wonderful Thanksgiving items for a Harltand family, so if this is not the correct spot I apologize…Because of all the wonderful people at the lodge a family will have a special (and very filling) day they could not have had with out all of you! Thanks again, Nicole Schingeck


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