What a great time of the year! You cannot look outside and not notice the changes taking place all around you! Fall is ‘falling’ and winter is on its way!! And … short of leaving town and going someplace else, there is no getting away from it.

This can also be said about all of the other changes taking place around you. You can either accept and flow with them, or you can be stubborn … digging your heals in, trying to slow down or stop them …  and, all the while making life much more difficult for yourself.

October was the month of emergence. It was a time for you to witness the emergence of the new and the fading of the old. It was a time for you to sit back and recognize all that you have, all that makes your life worthwhile, and all that no longer serves you in a good way. It was a time to welcome in all that is happening around you and for you.

Of course, some of you have chosen to resist the emergence of your own specific change.  In fact, some of you, who chose to dig your heals in to prevent the forward movement of these changes, have been faced with some harsh lessons. Lessons that have left you to deal with mental and emotional turmoil … something no one willingly chooses. As my father used to say to me … “we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way” … and some of you have chosen the ‘hard way’.

November is the month of perseverance. This is the month of following through on those goals you set so many months ago. Month by month you have been marching forward … letting go of the old and welcoming the new. Enduring the difficulties, hardships, pain and uncertainty of what might lie ahead. It is true … the landscape of your life is changing … and there is no going back or stopping it. What was set in motion over a year ago has gained momentum and will continue moving forward with or without your acceptance, rejection, blessing or permission.

During this month of perseverance, you must not lose sight of what it is you want to achieve, what goals you set for yourself, what you want to leave behind or get rid of, and how you want to feel in the coming months. As you move through this month … you may find yourself feeling out of control, emotional, uncomfortable, fearful and angry. You may want to turn back the hands of time and return to a place that was familiar. But you cannot do that … because you are in the midst of the ‘tides of change’. To fight it will pull you under … just like the undertow of a wave, pushing and pulling you further and further down … into the depths of despair, fear, frustration, and darkness. However, accepting the changes and allowing yourself to move with the natural ebb and flow of the tide will keep you a float, with your head above the waves, and your heart in the light. While you may not be able to see exactly where you are going, you will be able to see the direction you are headed … and feel how supported you are in getting there.

Of course it is uncomfortable to know that change is happening and to not know where it is taking you, or how long it will continue. It is even more uncomfortable to watch the disintegration of various aspects of your life taking place and knowing you cannot do anything to stop it. In fact, trying to stop it can make it so much worse! So now is not the time to try and stop the ‘tides of change’. Now is not the time to try and revert back to the old ways, the old life, the old you.

No, instead, it is the time …

  • to hold your own space,
  • to embrace your new beginnings,
  • to empower the very person you see unfolding before you,
  • to be adventurous in your thoughts and dreams,
  • to seek the unknown potentiality of your life and your Being,
  • to be your own person, and
  • to stand and be present in the light of the dawning new day.

None of this is easy. Change never is. But, if you can believe with every fiber of your being, that in the end it will all work out to be the best thing possible for you and your life, it will turn your fear into encouragement, your despair into comfort, your frustration into happiness, and your darkness into peace and lightheartedness.

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