Taking a Leap of Faith

I’ve recently had the privilege of watching a few people take that ‘leap of faith’. You know the one. The one that completely alters your direction in life and heads you in a far better place than you ever thought possible.

For me, it was a wonderful thing to witness. For them, it was a very scary thing to do! After all … taking a ‘leap of faith’ means letting go of any expectation, anticipation, or ‘push’ towards some predetermined and acceptable outcome. We all like to think we have ‘control’ over our destiny, and to some degree we do. These people could have kept doing what they had always done … and received the same results they have always received. Or, they could step out of their comfort zone, open themselves up to receiving something beyond their own predetermined possibilities, and let the Universe in all its infinite wisdom present to them something far greater.

So the question is … how do you do that? First and foremost, let go of thinking you are what you do, what your titles call you, and what others have to say about you. You are not any of those things. You are beyond words and titles. Teachers are more than people who teach from text books and lesson plans. Writers, designers, construction workers, artists, therapists, students, dancers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, policemen and other public servants have far more potentiality than their titles would lead you to believe … even if you carry more than one ‘title’. Titles have a way of establishing boundaries. When you hear them, you immediately have an image that comes to mind, e.g., a teacher is in a classroom with students sitting in desks listening, writing, raising their  hands, and being tested. There are numerous possibilities available to someone who decides to become a teacher. However, for the individual person who teaches, their potentiality is only limited by their willingness to trust in the Universe and its divine wisdom.

Secondly, recognize that those possibilities you have laid before you … are less than 1% of your total potentiality. Each of us are born with an unlimited, boundless opportunity to reach our full potential … whatever that might be. Sometimes though we get focused on other things … like money, success (as defined by money, social status, material wealth or gains, job and career positions, etc.). Some people choose careers that will bring them fortune or fame … only to find out it doesn’t bring them happiness. Why? Because whatever it is they chose to do, they chose for the wrong reasons. The right choices lead you to possibilities of fulfilling your potential … your true calling.

The ‘leaps of faith’ I witnessed had to do with people taking a chance on themselves. ‘Leaping’ out of their existing lives within their comfortable borders and stagnant boundaries, and ‘trusting’ that the Universe was presenting to them something better than what they already had and were currently experiencing. None of them had to make the ‘leap’ … and doing it required them to trust something outside of themselves and their perceived areas of ‘control’. They had to trust that the Universe, or something greater than themselves, was there to help them through the potential risks and challenges that would face them as they strove to reach for their greater potential. Leaps of faith are not without risks … and not without rewards!

How happy I am to those who take the leap! What about you? Are you ready?

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