October’s Full Moon and Penumbral Eclipse

This is the month of the Full Hunter’s Moon … the time when the deer are fattened, the fields have been largely cleared of their harvest, and the other smaller animals are more easily seen. The Choctaw called it the Full Blackberry Moon, which was an important food staple to many tribes. Even in the study of cosmic cycles you learn that this is a time of collecting on your hard work. But don’t think there isn’t some work yet to do. Oh no … there is plenty yet to do. And while it may not be as laborious, there is still late crops yet to bring in, and the turning over of the fields. Back in the day when the original people of Turtle Island were living in long houses and tipi’s, the job of drying and preserving foods for the long, cold winter months was still in progress.

Other names for the October Full Moon included the Full Blood Moon because of its redness as it rises into the sky, and the Full Travel Moon, for this is the time the people would make their way to their place of winter lodging.

During this Full Moon, we will be experiencing a penumbral lunar eclipse. The effects of an eclipse can be felt for a couple of weeks after its occurrence, and this penumbral eclipse is no different. A penumbral eclipse is a very, very subtle kind of eclipse, where the moon is only slightly shadowed by the earth. However, following the emergence theme of October, this eclipse clears the way for a broader, deeper and wider expanse of change to take place. So the question is … are you ready and prepared for it? Or are you hiding from it?

Lunar eclipses (which have a 19 year cycle) signal a completion and an awareness that could change the course of your journey should you decide to let it.  Eclipses can bring in new people and opportunities that might seem like a sudden surprise, but are the result of all the tasks you completed in the last 19 years.  Or you might notice the ending of a relationship or job, or an undeniable shift in your philosophical view of life or spirituality.  What changes have taken place in your life since the year 1994, the last time a lunar eclipse occurred at 26* Aries/Libra?

As I mentioned earlier, this is a time of witnessing the bounty from the fruits of your labor, regardless of what that labor may have been. Most of our focus over the past year has been on the effects of 2012, the ending of the Mayan Calendar, and the changes we have consciously initiated in our lives. This lunar eclipse is adding “weight” to this month’s theme and movement of emergence. Therefore it is important that you know and respond to what it is you need at this time. If you need to rest … do it! If you need to be in nature … do it! If you need to be in a quiet place without distractions and in meditation … do it! If you know you need to take care of yourself, make some changes in your life, or reestablish some aspect of your life … do it!

On the other hand, if you are not in synch with what is being presented to you, or if you are choosing to ignore what is being presented … the energy from this Full Moon, coupled with that of the lunar eclipse, will bring your world tumbling down around your feet … making you wish you had paid just a little more attention to what you knew was going on!

Take this time to align yourself with what you need, with the rhythm of Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun, and with your own good judgement and intuition. Let go of petty conflicts, disagreements, or discord. Use the dynamic energies available to you at this time to draw to you peace, harmony, rest, happiness and a renewed interest and energy in life!


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