New Class Offering

Those of you who have been ‘on my table’ before know that I work beyond just your physical body. I spend most of my time clearing or doing some type of work on the ‘other layers’ of your Being, and often ask questions or talk about those things I find in those ‘other layers’. In the past I have offered classes only to those in the healing arts profession explaining these other layers, how our bodies store various emotions, traumas and memories, and how these stored energies could lead to dis-ease, illness or chronic pain. Today I would like to open that class up to everyone interested in learning about their body in its entirety.

Understanding how the body functions is critical to understanding how it will heal. While the physical aspect of our bodies function similarly, there are other aspects of our body that are unique to each of us. Science is just beginning to recognize these other aspects. In fact it wasn’t all that long ago that science determined we had a parasympathetic system as well as a sympathetic system, or that there resided within each of us an autonomic nervous system which is separate from our physical nervous system! This class … How Your Body Works – Root Causes of Common Symptoms … will help you better understand how your body works; how your body responds to stresses; how your body stores emotions, traumas, images and memories. You will better understand why more and more people are requiring hip and knee replacements, or why there is a rise in various chronic illnesses or diseases. And, you will better understand what is a symptom and where you might find the root cause!

4 thoughts on “New Class Offering

  1. Hi Gayle, I went to the link for ur class information. It says Saturday and Sunday — no specific month or dates I encountered…

    Thank you, Debb



  2. Hi Gayle, Can you ask Michelle if she remembers the holistic vet that Dawn Miller takes her dog to?   Thanks – Have a good week! Hugs



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