The Full Harvest Moon & The Fall Equinox, 2013

The weather is lovely, the air is crisp, and the beauty of autumn is coming into bloom. There is something magical about this time of year. I love the spring, when everything is fresh and new … the birthing of new life happening all around you, from the trees to the animals and birds. As we unwrap ourselves from our cloaks of winter and begin to move from our place of hibernation, the thoughts of warmer, sunny days spent outside in nature begin to open us up once again.

Autumn, on the other hand, takes us in the opposite direction. This is the time when the labors of the year is drawing to a close. The growth of the crops are slowing, and the time for gathering and storing is now. It is during this time that we begin turning our focus to shorter days, longer nights, and the quietude of winter. It is during this time of returned hibernation that we reflect.

The cycles of the moon teach us about ‘new beginnings’ to ‘fullness’ to ’emptiness’. Each month, after the moon disappears from view, it begins to return anew … building in its light and brightness, until it is full once again, shining down upon us with its mystical, magical light. After 3 days of fullness, it begins to withdraw … growing smaller with each and every night, until it too reaches its point of hibernation and regeneration. Then the cycle begins again … slowly the moon begins to draw itself out of the darkness, growing in light and intensity to its fullness. And so goes the cycle of all life.

The Fall Equinox is that time of ‘fullness’. This is the time to reflect on the abundance of your year … not what seems to be lacking, but the fullness of this past season or year. Take this time to look at the changes that have taken place in your life, and those that are still unfolding before you. The seeds of change will continue to grow, even through the harshest weather. And as you continue to move towards the longer nights and shorter days, allow yourself to rest in the reflection of abundance. Set down those things you consider burdens. The measure of a person is not in how much weight their burdens are that they carry, but in the tranquility, peace and contentment in which they walk.


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