The Full Moon Of August

What a month this has been! So full of energies!! And why wouldn’t it be? Many, if not all, of the names given to this month’s Full Moon have to do with abundance. The Native Americans kept track of the seasons by the names they gave to the full moon. The Cherokee call it the Full Fruit Moon. Here in the Great Lakes area it is referred to as the Full Sturgeon Moon, because the fish are running and there are plenty of them. We also have names like Full Grain Moon and the Full Green Corn Moon, while the Dakota refer to it as The Moon When All Things Ripen. The Full Red Moon is also a common name for this month, because during this time of the year you will often see a red sky in the evening. A red sky at night means the sun is shining underneath clouds or a clear sky, and the summer pollutants help to create a red or orange colored sunset.

This month’s full moon is also technically considered a Blue Moon. Years ago the definition for a Blue Moon referred to the 3rd moon in a 4 moon cycle during a period of 3 months, or a season. Today, however, the definition has changed. The cycle for a Full Moon is every 29.5 days. With the new definition, a Blue Moon occurs when 2 Full Moons appear in one calendar month. We won’t see that this month … so we won’t call it a Blue Moon.

While we recognize the abundance of this month … as the many names for the month depicts, this isn’t the full harvest month. The Full Harvest Moon is the month when all of the crops are ripe and harvested for the year. It is the end of the growing season. What that means is there is still work to be done before you can fully harvest the full scope of the changes you have been sowing, nurturing, feeding, and watching grow this year. All those seeds you planted at the end of last year, and the beginning of this year 2013, are still in the process of ripening. Some seeds are ripe and ready to pick, but not all of them.

At this point you may be saying to yourself … when will all of the changes be in place? How much longer do I have to focus, nurture, and feed these seeds? Well, think about this … you have spent your entire lifetime practicing, incorporating, and participating in those patterns, habits, and mindsets you are now seeking to change. They will not happen overnight … as much as you would like them to! These things you seek to change have deep, deep roots in all that you are, all that you have come to believe to be true, and all that you have surrounded yourself with. It takes time, focus and constant attention and awareness to effectively make any deep seated, permanent change. These changes take time, commitment and focus … and just don’t happen easily, quickly, or without mindful attention and perseverance. But they do happen. They may appear to be a small thing of change at first … but each small change perpetuates another change, which perpetuates another. Each change acting like a domino … pushing forward the next change or domino to topple the next one in line. They may start out slowly … tipping forward, knocking the next domino over, until each domino begins to rush forward toppling the next in a rapid succession.

During this Full Moon, spend time with others celebrating the abundance of your life and the lives of others. Demonstrate gratitude for the path you have walked and the lessons and journeys it has provided you to this point, and where it will lead you into the future. Continue walking forward … and when you look back, be thankful for all the teachers, support and lessons that have guided you thus far, and will continue to guide you. Witness the transformation taking place in your life, in your family’s lives, and the world around you. And celebrate a birthing of your true and authentic Self.

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