New Moon of August

I love the phases of the moon. When it is full, I think about how it lights up the sky guiding wayfarer’s to their destination, keeping all who seek their full potential safe in her light. When it is new, and the sky is dark, it reminds me to go within and see what lies there waiting to bloom and blossom.

This New Moon reminds us to stay focused. It is important for each of us to remain focused on those things that we want to see blossom and bloom … just for us. In a world of distractions, we often find ourselves thinking of others … their needs, their wants, their desires, and how we can help them achieve those things. When we do that, we divert our attention from our needs, wants and desires to focus somewhere else.

I’m not suggesting you become selfish and self-centered … quite the contrary. What I am suggesting is that you return your focus to your original purpose … that purpose you originally agreed to before you incarnated into this lifetime. To become all you can be … to stretch and grow and reach towards your full potentiality. It is what we each came here to do … to reach our full potential. It is your journey to walk … and it does not belong to anyone else. You can only walk your path … no one else can walk it for you. And, no one else can walk it with you. While you may walk along side another … your partner, children, family and friends, you cannot walk a path for anyone but yourself.

So, during this New Moon … curl up, go inside and turn your focus towards yourself. See what lies within you. See what yearns to grow and bloom. Just as we continue to move through this year of transformation, know that what lies within you and seeks the fullness of your potential, is what will continue to move you forward, color your world now and into the future, and light your way even in the darkest of nights.

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