Aglow in August

I don’t know about the rest of you, but so far this year I seem to be moving in a whole new direction! Remember last year when we first started talking about change and thinking about what we would like to bring into our lives this year? And, how at the beginning of this year we took the time to recognize the people, places and things that no longer served our greater good? Then we began to make room for the changes to occur and watched in awe as they unfolded.

July was the month of gratitude … for all the blessings in our lives, family, friends, and for the support we have received throughout our lives, carrying us to this point in our journey. July was also a month of growth. As we moved through the month witnessing all we have to be grateful for, the more humility we felt for our many blessings, the more those blessings grew … and continued to grow right up to this point! The movement of this growth and expansion will continue to carry us into and through the month of August.

So while you are ‘riding this wave’ of movement and growth, don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked! This is the time to exert your willpower on focusing on what you have started and what you want to complete. For example, I have started writing a book … something I have wanted to do for years. While I have had to make many editing and presentation changes to the book throughout July, I am still riding the wave of movement towards its creation, production and completion. It is important that I not allow myself to get distracted by those things that are not a priority … that will not support this change currently taking place in my life. It is important that I exercise my willpower on maintaining my focus. To lose my focus would certainly divert, if not stop, this movement.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are standing near a large pond of water. The top of the water is still … not a ripple in sight. If you throw a pebble in the water, it will create a series of ripples that will continue to flow in unison to the furthest edges of the pond. The scene of peaceful movement. Now let’s imagine that as those ripples gently, and with purpose, continue to move, they begin to hit large rocks before they reach the edge of the pond. What happens? The rocks become an obstacle to the ripples movement and progress. They divert the ripples direction, breaking up the steady forward motion. Given time, the rocks can be eroded so the ripple will eventually have an unobstructed path. But until that happens, its journey to the pond’s edge is diverted.

August is about forward movement … keeping your focus on where you are going. Focusing on that which is unfolding and leading you through the changes you have been seeking for so long. The timing is right for you to continue this movement and focus.

Don’t allow old habits to sneak back into your life. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted or over committed … be mindful of your priorities. And don’t allow yourself to become impatient or irritated with this universal rhythmic, purposeful, forward moving motion of this time. You have been waiting for this transformation to unfold since the beginning of 2013. Stay focused on the peaceful, harmonic wave of movement and do not allow yourself to get distracted by outside influences. Do not allow yourself to get involved in other people’s conflicts or dramas … as they are only a distraction … they are not listed in your priorities!

Be gentle with yourself … but strong in your self control and willpower. Allow yourself to feel the movement and the support of this wave of change. And allow yourself to rest in the comfort of knowing it is leading you to a more peaceful and fulfilling shore.

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