July’s Full Moon

Tonight is July’s full moon … with such names as the Full Buck Moon, the Full Thunder Moon, the Full Hay Moon, the Full Ripe Corn Moon by the Cherokee and the Full Crane Moon by the Choctaw. Most Native American tribes had names for each month’s full moon that represented the seasons … or what the seasons presented to them during a given month. And, each of the names applied to the entire month. The Algonquin tribes, located from New England to Lake Superior, offered the first 3 moon names above. The Full Buck Moon meant that during this time of the year, the horns on the bucks would be starting to protrude from their foreheads … covered in soft velvety fur. The Full Thunder Moon was the time of the year when thunder storms would roll through the area more often, and, of course, this is the time of the year when hay is ripe and ready to be harvested. So, to the early Native Americans, these names defined a period of time between full moons … and the names applied to the entire 29.5 days.
Since the Cherokee and Choctaw lived further south, the Full Ripe Corn Moon represented the time of the year when their corn was fully ripe and ready to eat or begin to store. However, in the areas of the Algonquin tribes, the corn, which was an important staple to them wasn’t fully ripe yet and wouldn’t be until the following full moon. By looking at the full moon names given by the various tribes, you can almost tell what region of the US they resided in and what season they were referring to.
We look at the month separate from the new and full moons. As I mentioned in an earlier post, July is the month of gratitude … and this full moon continues and punctuates that theme. During this full moon, honor all that has been given to you … whether it is the bounty of friends or family, lessons, health or even ill-health. Honor all that has been placed in your path … regardless of whether you view it as a good thing or an obstacle to get past. It is there for a very good reason … you need to keep moving!
The full moon represents fullness … completeness, wholeness, totality, wealth, entirety. As we walk through our lives offering gratitude for all that we have, we also recognize that we are not done … our lives are not over … therefore, we have not yet reached that point of fullness, completeness or total wholeness. But at this moment in time, at this point in our evolution, we are in the process of completing some things … some lessons, some task or teaching, some understanding. We are, in this month of July of 2013, the year of transformation and transition, moving from where we were towards the place we are going. And in our gratitude for all we have, our life and our movement forward … we are, during this full moon, saying “yes” to those we want to keep in our life, and “no” to those burdens we no longer want to carry through our lives, making moving forward slow and difficult.
Tonight, when Grandmother Moon is shining down on you … make a little offering of thanks for her guidance through the night, and say a little prayer for your continued journey forward in this year of 2013.

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