The Biggest Full Moon For 2013!

If you haven’t checked out the full moon yet, take the time to do so! It is just breathtaking!

The full moon for the month of June comes with a number of names. The most popular is Full Strawberry Moon, because this is the month the strawberries are ripe and ready to eat! Have you ever noticed how much better a strawberry right out of the garden tastes? My friend, Steve, from Ft. Wayne, told me that if you eat something (like a strawberry) within the first 6 hours of it being picked, it will still have its own natural life force in it. That must be why everything tastes so much better right out of the garden!

The Choctaw referred to this full moon as the Windy Full Moon, while the Cherokee referred to it as the Green Corn Full Moon … for what are probably obvious reasons!

June’s Full Moon didn’t mark the beginning of change or warmer weather … but instead was a time when bellies weren’t as empty, some of the early crops were becoming available, and you could see the new growth all around you (like green corn). Life in the great outdoors was happening … planting, gathering, hunting, fishing, moving camps, etc. It felt like life was on the move again! People were beginning to witness the anticipated year’s bounty and abundance. And, it was a time of demonstrating and expressing in ones actions towards their elders, community and spiritual ancestors their deepest sense of gratitude!

So, not only do we have the biggest Full Moon of the year, but we just witnessed the longest day of the year … the Summer Solstice! Like those that came before us … this is a time to be grateful for all that we have … for life, for friends and family, for the experiences that have carried us to this point in our life, for the lessons learned and those yet to be learned, for the support received while journeying along your path, and for this amazing place we call home … Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun, and all they have given us and continue to provide for us!

The theme for the month of July, 2013, is gratitude. Many, many people have expressed to me how very, very difficult this year has been for them as well as others that they know. And, yes … this has been a difficult year for so many of us! But what can you expect? After all … this is the year of transformation … and each and every month has played a significant role in helping us move through our own transformation … our own change.

Remember back in January when I asked ‘who are you really?’ It seems this year has moved us further from where we were and closer to where we are going! But no one really knows where that place is we are going!! Remember when I asked you to think about what you wanted to change or release from your life? Well … guess what? Those changes are happening … with or without your help and approval!

May was the month where things ended or started, while the final processing of those ‘endings’ and ‘beginnings’ took place during the month of June. June was the month of conversion … and that conversion has been continuously happening … taking place in the background while you continue to live life in your somewhat normal fashion and wondering why things are not going quite  the way you expected!

Now it is time to be grateful for all that is new and coming into your life! A time to reflect and truly witness the transition that is taking place in your life! You may not be able to see exactly how things are going to unfold, or precisely what your life will ‘look like’ by the end of the year … but if you take the time to sit and reflect on all the changes that have taken place in your life since January, you just might get a glimpse of what lies ahead.

And, if you can do this with gratitude in your heart … and with a sense of hope, peace, and well-being, then you will know that what you will have at the end of the year will be better than anything you could have imagined. Remember … it is important to have an attitude of gratitude!!

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