June’s Conversion

Thank goodness June is here!

The month of May … the Merry Month of May … was one of creating. All of the work we have been doing so far this year is continuing to move us. It is continuing to direct us towards and through those areas of change we set for ourselves back at the beginning of the year.

When I look back at this past month, it is crystal clear to me what this year of transformation is leading me towards. As I mentioned in last month’s blog, the force that is moving us all towards our intended transformation is picking up strength and necessitating the fury of activity that is currently happening around us, to us and with us!

But before I go on … I cannot impress upon you the importance of attitude. We talked about attitude back in April … and its importance in what you will create and draw towards you as you move through this year of transformation. It is of the utmost importance as you continue through this year to have a positive and uplifted attitude. This can be a very difficult thing to do. When you find yourself feeling angry, confused and frustrated with how things are unfolding or happening around you, stop and allow yourself the time and space to release those feelings. Take a deep breath knowing that whatever is happening will pass if you just let all of the emotion go. Allow yourself the time and space to feel what you are feeling, and then letting it all go. If you choose to hang onto those emotions of anger, frustration, and negativity, it will become the deciding factor as to what you create and draw towards you during this year of transformation.

Think back on those decisions you made at the beginning of the year … those changes you wanted to make for yourself. Once you made those decisions and set those goals for yourself, movement began to happen … which we have talked about over these past months. You are now in the midst of that CONVERSION. You may not even remember all of the changes you wanted to see for yourself this year … but the intention was set and the CONVERSION is happening.

Change is never easy … and the process of CONVERSION can leave you feeling lost in a space you are unfamiliar with, tired and unfocused, quiet, anxious, disconnected and disoriented. You may wonder what the outcome will be and whether or not you can continue this cycle of change and CONVERSION to its completion. But I assure you … you can.

Completion is the key component here. You cannot decide to quit a CONVERSION midway through the process … you must see it through to the end. If it seems you are always in the process of CONVERSION … things constantly changing but never reaching a final state … it is because you are not completing the process. You are stopping it … you are not allowing yourself to release what you no longer want or need, but instead are hanging on to the old familiar patterns, situations, relationships, ideas, beliefs, etc. Remember the movie “Ground Hog Day”? Nothing really changed even though each morning the desire for change was there. Well, CONVERSION is the process of change. It is a moving, non-stagnate process. But it can get caught in a loop, and in that loop you are never quite done … continually revisiting the old while trying to manifest the new.

Have you ever upgraded your computer … maybe going from one operating system to another, or installed a different version of your favorite application? Do you know what happens if you don’t complete the entire CONVERSION process? It effects your whole computer’s performance. It will either not work at all, or you will experience problems each and every time you boot up your computer … leaving you with nagging little problems that just never quite go away and continue to remind you that you didn’t actually finish the whole CONVERSION process. If you had completed the process, instead of skipping ahead or ignoring the ‘signs’, none of these problems would have existed. You and your computer would have gone all the way through the process and ended up in a much better place!

So … what’s the point? It is important to complete each CONVERSION. No matter how much time it takes to complete, stay with it. Some things will take longer than others … but nonetheless, you need to stay with it. Focus on the ending of the old, and not the beginning of the new. We often get hung up on what we want to see or manifest, and begin moving in that direction long before we have finalized the ending of the old. By doing that, we leave ourselves connected to the past … whether it is old beliefs, patterns, relationships or other connections. Focusing on the ending allows us the opportunity to be clear and concise about what we are leaving behind and releasing our attachments to it. By doing this, we are able to move through the CONVERSION towards the new goals and opportunities with a clean slate. A slate that will allow for the full potentiality of the new situations and opportunities to be presented and grow.

We all know that change will happen no matter what we try to do to stop it. Change is a constant. CONVERSION is the process of change … it is the remodeling, reworking or alteration of change. It requires you to stop doing the things that you have always done and make room for a new energy to come in and be present. It is what leads us to the future. And it is our attitude that determines what that future will feel like.




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