The Merry Month of May …

We just finished a 3-month workshop called the Personal Spiritual Program where the participants looked at who they are and their life’s patterns … those patterns we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime. This month’s theme plays very well into the ideas and concepts discussed in that workshop … the theme of CREATING.

When we look back over this year of 2013 we can see the unfolding of this year’s theme of transformation. We have seen the duality of March, February’s uncertainty, and January’s need for silence, reflection and movement towards a more positive attitude. April reminded us about attitude … that how we think, speak and react is what we will continue to create.

So what are you CREATING? The force behind this year’s theme of transformation has been gaining momentum. Each month it’s force has been getting stronger and stronger, pushing us towards the year’s goal … your goals. Remember those goals you set out for yourself towards the end of last year? Remember how you were going to let go of some things in your life and manifest other, more positive things? Remember that commitment to change? Well, that is where we are this year! CREATING those changes!

But what happens when we don’t ‘flow’ with those changes? What happens when we continue to follow the patterns of all those years gone by? What happens when we try to hold on to those negative attitudes?

Remember when we talked about this being the Age of Aquarius? That moving forward in this more feminine energetic state we needed to move, think, act, react, operate from a more loving, positive, heartfelt space? To do otherwise only creates havoc, chaos, destruction and other negative results … for you and those around you following your lead.

For many, the Age of Pisces continues to live … for you haven’t completely made that shift of attitude and consciousness. You may recognize that ‘life’ seems a whole lot harder, but your general attitude, judgments, negative view of the world or parts of the world at large are still steeped in a mindset of victim-hood, fear, intimidation, anger, resentment, jealousy, and hostility. It’s too bad transformation doesn’t take place in a shorter time span … like maybe overnight! But it doesn’t.

So, here we are in the merry month of May CREATING our reality with the full force and momentum of 2013 behind it! What you are CREATING is coming to life with all the attitude, intention and patterns you bring into it! How about that?!! You are the creator of your own creation! You are the architect of all that lies before you! How exciting is that?! Or … how scary is that?

One of the first lessons of CREATING  in this time of Aquarius is … when you create something it always comes back to you. For example, if you are angry at someone for something they did, and you think something harsh about that person … it will come back to you. Remember that old saying … “what you put out is what you get back”? Well, in the Age of Aquarius it is like a double whammy! It comes back on you ten-fold … unlike the age we just came out of … Pisces!

While you are thinking about what you want to CREATE in your life … think about what you want to put in to it. Use the finest ingredients. Use those ingredients that are full of life and create peace, harmony, and joy in your life. Use ingredients that support the richness of all life … of all that surrounds you, of all that you know or don’t know.

If, however, you choose ingredients that are heavy and laden with unhealthy fillers and ill-will, ingredients that are full of judgment, anger, hostility, and resentment, you will CREATE all of that and more in your life.  It will become the poison that will eventually destroy you and your life.

Think of CREATING like building your home … the place where you and your family and friends will live, work, play, and rest. The materials you use and the labor put into building the foundation will determine how long that home will stand before it begins to crumble … like the buildings reported in the news in Bangladesh.

This is your time! Use this month and all its momentum to CREATE what you truly want in YOUR life … not what you want for someone else, or not what you wish on others!! If you bring it into your mind, you put it out into the Universe for creation. And mind you … if it is negative … it will come back on you in a mean and nasty way! If it is positive … it too will come back to you.  Just like you sent it out … it will come back!

Now go out and CREATE ………………. a better world!!

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