April’s Full Sprouting Grass Moon

There are many names for this month’s full moon. The Cherokee (my native blood tribe) call it the Full Flower Moon because of the blooming wild flowers and phlox, while many of the coastal tribes referred to it as the Full Fish Moon … as the fish would be swimming upstream for their spawning season. Because of yesterday’s snow and today’s bitter cold rain, I would personally call it the Full Cold, Springless Moon … but that’s just me.

April’s Full Moon also comes with a partial, 27-minute, lunar eclipse … making this a very powerful Full Moon. It will be the first of three eclipses for this year. We will not be able to see it here in North America, however the effects of an eclipse will still be felt or experienced by those sensitive to the Universe’s energy shifts.

In a previous post I talked about April being a month of ACTION, and that the FORCE behind your thoughts, words, deeds and intentions will have a strong and direct effect on those actions and their eventual outcome. During this Full Moon, with the FORCE of the eclipse behind it, take the time to go deep within yourself. Begin by honoring yourself, your life, your truth and your wisdom. Identify and acknowledge those times in your life when big shifts and changes needed to take place, and while they may have seemed challenging, it wasn’t the challenge that mattered … but what you did with it. How you chose to handle the challenge … whether it was begrudgingly, pessimistically, fearfully, boldly, willingly, confidently, or nonchalantly … was truly the point that mattered. It is not the challenge itself that matters, but how you handle it. Did you react as though the challenge was presented to you as a personal attack, affront or vendetta? Or, did you see it as a challenge Spirit was presenting to you for your own growth, support and direction?

This is the time to reflect on where you have been, where you want to go, and how you want to grow … spiritually and personally. Regardless of what challenges Spirit has or will present to you … now and in the future … know in your heart, body and mind that it is there for your growth … and always exactly what you need.


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