I hear people say (and I agree) that they cannot watch the broadcast news anymore. There is so much violence towards our ‘brothers & sisters’, destruction of our Mother Earth, political nonsense and mud-slinging (there are lots of politicians but where are our “states people”?), crimes against our children (as adults, aren’t we supposed to love and protect them?) and humanity in general, greed (what is it we worship these days?), saber-rattling (nothing like flexing your muscle to scare people into submission), corruption in all areas of government (the idea of ‘for the people’ only applies to those holding political office), no reverence for life of any kind (people are being killed all the time … if not by bullets by our foods!), and sensationalized journalism feeding the masses negative, cynical, pessimistic, opinionated, no-hope news.

How in the world did we get here? Wars have been around for centuries … people fighting people for the good of … what? People killing and maiming each other in the streets of our cities everyday … for what? Our children are no longer safe in their homes, schools, places of worship, playgrounds … and why? Our elderly, who worked to raise and care for their families, grow businesses, and support their communities are no longer being taken care of by those organizations designed to help them in their later years because … they are no longer needed? And our government … which was once run by people who looked out for their constituents … working to help this nation of people live the American dream, is now working to better only those elected and selected people of our American government.

I don’t understand what happened. I know that I came from a generation of people who bucked the system … who fought to end senseless wars, discrimination, injustice, and who loved Mother Earth, human rights, green peace, Peace Corps, peace in general. But today, it seems if you are not a politician you have no voice. No one hears you unless you have lots of money and influence. What happened?

In my practice I see people everyday who are suffering from the effects of our social decline. More and more people everyday are displaying signs of depression, oppression, fear and anxiety. What do we do for them? We hand them a prescription for anti-depressants or some other anti-anxiety, anti-feeling medicine. We need to stop treating symptoms!!! Stop treating the effects of what is happening here in our world and start addressing and treating the problems!! We need to start caring of each other!!

If we cared about each other … would we allow so much discrimination? Would we be so judgmental? Wouldn’t we protect and defend our children? Wouldn’t we make sure our food supply was safe, healthy and free of chemicals and pesticides? Wouldn’t we applaud those who at least try to help others and silence the naysayers? Instead, we continue to focus on all the negativity, crisis, acts of crime and violence, judgment, terror, fear, disgrace, etc., etc., etc.

I want to live in a world of peace and harmony … of One Nation. Where people care about each other, Mother Earth, our children and their future, and hold an acceptance of others. Where money is not the idol to be worshipped … but pay honor and homage to all the Creator has given to us. A place where people do not have to live with fear and anxiety because they cannot trust their neighbor, friend, family or government.

What can we do? I seek your comments and suggestions …

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