March’s Duality

The old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb is symbolic of the duality of the month. The ‘uncertainty’ of February will remain through a part of the month … along with Mercury’s retrograde. The latter half of the month begins to move us in the direction we have been preparing ourselves for.

Towards the end of 2012, known as the year of change, we were busily working to recognize, change and release our old paradigms. The first couple of months of 2013, the year of transformation, has provided us the opportunity to begin transforming our old ways of thinking, behaving and reacting to external events and situations.

So, here we sit at the beginning of March … with Mercury’s retrograde conflicting our ability to communicate, and slowing our ability to move things in a forward direction. It seems no matter how hard we try to accelerate progress or how much momentum we try to put behind our ‘drive’ to our goals, Murphy’s law is there to keep us from gaining traction!

You may find yourself frustrated, angry and a little wary or  fearful … because all of the planning and hard work you have been putting forth just doesn’t seem to be working or getting you to where you want to be! Is it futile? Should you just quit trying? Well … once Mercury goes direct on March 17th, things should begin to lighten up … but you may continue to feel the effects of retrograde for another week.

This is an emotional time! We are still in a time of uncertainty … things may not be heading in the direction you would like to see them going, relationships may not be as satisfying as they once were or as you would want them to be, you may find yourself ‘floundering’ or feeling as though you are a drift in some space and time, not knowing where you are headed or why. And while all of this uncertainty is going on, there is a great deal of action taking place deep within you … at a level deep within your subconscious. Action that you set in place back in the fall of 2012.

You have probably heard the saying, “timing is everything” … and it is. Back in the fall, you set into motion changes you wanted to make within yourself. The goals and intentions you set for yourself at that time have been working to loosen and burn away the old and make way for the new. These subtle changes have been working their way into your subconscious and conscious mind … bringing with them a new awareness and the surfacing of old and new emotions.

Mercury’s retrograde at this time helps to keep you in a place where you can continue to review and let go of any useless old patterns, thoughts, fears, anxieties, judgement, expectations, dreams, disappointments and self imposed restrictions. Recognize each of them for what they are. Decide whether they will help or hinder you now and into your future. Recognize who they belong to … are they yours or someone else’s?

As mentioned earlier … this month is about duality. The second half of the month is about ACTION! Take the time in this first half of the month to be prepared for the second half. Do NOT set expectations for what will or will not be. Do NOT anticipate what will or will not happen. Just make sure you have been present the first half of the month to prepare for the second half! 

The second half of the month begins the manifestation of those things you set into place throughout the past 6 months. All of your hopes, dreams and desires for now and into the coming months and years … all the work you have been doing up to this point … will begin to come to fruition the last half of this month.

It is important that you send clear and succinct messages to Spirit from this point forward. And, you must make sure that what you ask for is what you want! Do NOT ask for something, then when you receive it decide it is NOT what you want, what you were asking for, or something that you are not ready for! Make sure you are willing and able to accept whatever the Spirits present to you. Do NOT send mixed messages. Do NOT ask for something that you are not ready for. Do NOT ask for something, then in the same message suggest you are not worthy of receiving it. And, do NOT ask for something for someone else! Be very careful of what you ask for! You will probably get it … whether you want it or not!

One thought on “March’s Duality

  1. Recognize who they belong to … are they yours or someone else’s?

    Powerful statement Gayle. Nicely done.

    Your article are so accurate. It’s like you are explaining my life. My reiki healing, my book, speeches, divorce, new business, current engineering job. It all makes sense now.

    Thank you!

    Much love.


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