February’s Uncertainty

Have you noticed the shift that has taken place since we moved from January into February? I find each month has its own unique ‘personality’ … some people might call it ‘energy’ … I will often call it ‘spirit’. But no matter what you call it, each month rolls in with its own disposition, temperament and qualities.

In previous posts I talked about last year, 2012, being all about change. And this year, 2013, being all about transformation. 2013 is also a time of cleansing … cleansing away ‘what was’ and manifesting ‘what is’. Before 2013 we would think about what we wanted to change, make our plans, then set off with our plans and ideas, and work at making those changes happen … always looking outside of ourselves at those things we felt we needed to change, then working at changing them. For example, you might be feeling there should be more joy in your life … so you look at your job, your residence, your relationships, your finances, your health or fitness regimen, etc. You begin looking at these things in your life and deciding which ones are NOT bringing you enough joy … then you set out to correct it.

In 2013 and beyond, it is not the external changes that will ‘change your outer world’ or the world at large, but the inner changes. How you think and feel, your prejudices, ego, anger, resentments, fears and anxieties will all have an effect on your outer world … there will no longer be a difference between your inner world and your outer world. Whatever exists in your inner world is going to begin to manifest very quickly and literally in your outer world. What this means is that the world as you have known it has come to an end, and a new world is here. This new world will have new ways of healing, new and healthier ways of doing business, new and more honest ways of people relating to each other, and new ways for each of us to consciously participate in our own ever evolving evolution! Keep this concept in mind as we continue to move forward through this year and all of the coming years ahead!

So, February comes to us with uncertainty. The ‘old ways’ of doing things are not going to work for you as well as they used to … if they worked at all before! If your tendency is to ‘think’ your way through a situation, think again! February will bring you emotional highs and lows, unexpected experiences, as well as shifts and changes, and stunning unforeseen opportunities. Right when you think you have everything figured out and are moving forward, some unforeseen event will occur that will completely alter your plans. Expect the unexpected!

It is time now of letting go of that ‘control’ you think you have, and turning yourself and every anticipated outcome over to spirit. This is the time to let go of past hurts, old dreams of the future, expectations, disappointments, grudges, anger, fear, resentment, and that limited small thinking that has kept you locked in one place for so long. This is a time of open optimism, of trusting spirit, of seeing the potentiality of all that can be, and of being completely and totally present!

Someone once asked me what it means to be present. Let’s put it this way … past hurts, grudges, anger, fear and resentments all come from the past. The past cannot be changed, but our outlook on it can be. Dreams of the future and expectations all reside in the future … taking you away from the present. Limited small thinking is a pattern developed over time … and prevents you from seeing a complete picture of someone’s or some thing’s total potentiality. If we are thinking about how to react or respond to an event in our life … we are no longer in the present … but have moved into the past for historical information and into the future to ‘witness’ the anticipated outcome! This is a time of responding based on how you feel not how you think! Besides, February is the month of uncertainty … whatever you anticipate happening probably won’t anyway.

Be present this month … and allow yourself to be responsive to whatever comes your way. Allow yourself to bend where you would normally be rigid and resistant. After all, you don’t have to be right all the time! Allow yourself to see beyond the limitation of the patterns in your life … to no longer see yourself as the victim of someone else’s influence or control, or of your own fears or emotions. Allow yourself to open up that space that surrounds you to accepting without anticipation the abundance of health, well-being, joy and happiness available to you.

Break the old patterns of the past. When you feel them closing in on you, push them away. We all have a past … but we don’t have to live there. The future is not guaranteed to any of us. So all we really have is the present … right now. And, what we do right now … will shape and guide us into the ever dawning future.

Now that you know there is no certainty this month … take this time to begin ‘trusting‘ in spirit. Trust that spirit will lead you to where you need to be … now and into the future. Even without your own self help, self guidance, self determination, self-control, and self-doubt, you will be led to a place that will bring benefits you never anticipated, a direction you never considered, and outcomes you never thought possible. So, believe that you are exactly where you need to be at this present time, and will continue to be in the future.

Can you look back on the last 2 years and see what has led you to this point? Can you see those times and results of when you went against your ‘gut’ instinct … or followed it? Can you see the patterns of your life? Can you see or feel the changes that are taking place energetically or spiritually around you? Can you take that leap of faith and let go? Remember, every time one door shuts … another one opens!! Let go of all that has controlled you (i.e., fear, control, anxiety, resentment, grudges, greed, anger)! And most importantly, recognize you are worth it!

2 thoughts on “February’s Uncertainty

  1. Words of wisdom to ponder from a very wise soul! Thank you Gayle. It has been a hard couple of months for me with no job. I too must learn to let go of the very things that hold me in the past and away from the present.

    Do you have an instruction manual you can pass along? Sometimes when one is stuck, as I am, I hear what to do and want to do it; not necessarily understanding how to go about it on a daily basis. Thank you Deb


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