January Full Moon

Michigan is such an interesting place to live. How many places can give you the kind of weather we have … in such a short period of time?! It is an adventure living here … you can never get too bored with our weather, because it is always changing! And it is always interesting to see how it goes from one condition to another …

Lots of things are happening around the Lodge already this year! Early yesterday morning was the Full Moon for January. We weren’t able to hold the ceremony this month, so I want to pass along the information about that particular Full Moon.

January’s Full Moon is known as the Cold Moon by the Cherokee, the Wolf Moon by the Algonquians, the Hard Moon by the Lakota, and the Freezing Moon by the Shoshone. All of these moon names speak of the weather and its effects. Even the Wolf Moon by the Algonquians speaks of a time when the wolves are out in the bitter, cold, blowing snow howling to one another.

It is during this time of the year when the people would gather together in their long houses, tipis or other homes, sit around the fire and tell stories. The storytellers would sit and tell their tales of times gone-by and pass along their teachings, traditions and cultural beliefs to all those gathered together. This was a great time for the families to gather together, sitting close to one another keeping warm, talking and listening to the storytellers and elders of the family and village. It makes one wonder how often we do this today with our own families? Today there seems to be so much hustle and bustle in families, or video games to occupy the minds and attention of those around you. And geographic separation plays heavily when trying to find time to gather for storytelling, playing games, or just talking and listening to each other.

The January Full Moon and cold winter months represent that time when the younger members of a family and community would begin to better understand the history, culture and dynamics of their family unit and community. This was the time when oral history and traditions were passed along, through stories, dialogue between elders, music and song. This was the time when sage wisdom was passed along from the elders to the very youngest of the family and community … when the children listened intently to the old stories, even if they had heard them dozens of times before! This was the time when the people talked about who they were … and the children began to find their way and understanding of themselves and their place in the family and community.

This January, 2013, Full Moon also speaks to identity. It asks the questions … 1) who are you, and 2) where did you come from? If we start with the second part of the question, we can name off all the ‘vital’ statistics of our life … family name, city and state of birth, school, religion, parents, siblings, etc., etc. But are those statistics really who you are? Are you not more than just that? Isn’t that just a starting point to figuring out who you really are, what you truly believe, and what your divine potentiality really is?

I have had a number of people talk to me about their deep desire to find their right partner and to begin a new chapter in their life with a partner. Of course they do! We all want that! Having an understanding of who you are and your own potentiality will help you find that someone who is right for you now and into your future!

So, take the time to recognize all those teachers, coaches and guides you have had in your life. Stop and acknowledge what it is that they taught you. Some may have taught you in a kind and gentle way. Others may have taught you in a negative, difficult way. Some may have led you to a place of warmth, awareness, and centeredness. Others may have led you to a place of discomfort, darkness, and chaos. Regardless of where they may have taken you or how they may have appeared in your life, they brought you a lesson you needed to hear, witness or learn. Begin your journey now to self-awareness … of finding your own true identity. This is your time of transformation … transforming to the wonder of you and all you have to offer!

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