January, 2013

Here we are in the year 2013! We made it through the ups and downs of November and December, 2012, with its storms, eclipses, winter solstice, the ending of the Mayan calendar, the actual start of the Age of Aquarius, the horrific event in Newtown, Connecticut, the holidays, the drama of the ‘fiscal cliff’, our men and women overseas in harm’s way, and the start of a New Year! 2012 was a year of change … and change always elicits resistance, emotional stirrings, fear, worry, concern and unrest. So, what does 2013 have in store for us?

For those of you who have been following the monthly themes, we continue moving forward with this year’s theme of transformation. The changes we identified in 2012 will begin to occur as we progress through 2013. However, like with anything we want to manifest in a physical form, it has to manifest in its energetic form first. When we commit mentally and emotionally to making a change, we put into action an energetic shift. This energetic shift is the second step in actually manifesting a physical change (the first step is making the mental and emotional commitment).

This energetic shift alters everything … nothing connected with the desired change remains the same. But the physical manifestation of the change will occur gradually, over a relative span of time. This relative span of time is the period of transformation … that period when everything connected with that change begins evolving, or moving towards its ultimate and complete objective.

We don’t always know how long the transformation period will take … nor do we always like the process of moving through this period. But, we do know that for something to manifest in the physical, it must first manifest in an energetic form. How long it remains in the energetic form before it manifests into the physical form is dependent upon many, many factors.

So, as we have said before, 2012 was the year of change … that time of mentally and emotionally committing to those changes we desire or need to make. 2013 is the year of transformation … that second step of energetic shifting, of transitioning energetically so the physical manifestation can take place.

Energetically, January may seem like a month of forward and backward motion or movement … when you are feeling good about this year’s possibilities, but fearful of what that may entail! You may find yourself riding that roller coaster … of wondering if you are making the right decisions or if you are being ‘silly’ and should leave things ‘as is’. At times you may find yourself feeling physically drained … wanting to sleep, hibernate, or otherwise stop thinking. At other times you may find yourself excited and energized about the changes you are making, and the various things you can do to move these changes forward in a good and constructive way. Don’t let these backward and forward motions (and emotions) concern you. Remember, you are ALWAYS exactly where you need to be, and experiencing EXACTLY what you need to experience. Whatever is going on … mentally, emotionally, and spiritually … is absolutely perfect at that very moment in time for you!

So, pay attention! Pay attention to what you are feeling … physically. Pay attention to what you are feeling … emotionally. Pay attention to what you are feeling … spiritually. And, pay attention to what thoughts are going through your mind … mentally! Take the time to sort through all of these experiences … one at a time. Check in on whether there is any fear arising from the changes you are moving towards and through. Are these fears founded in some past experience … or, are they based on ‘unknown’ factors? Check on the thoughts that may be going through your mind … are they negative and holding you in a place of fear, or are you able to look clearly at all the positive possibilities and potentiality this year can hold for you?

To move in a good and positive way through this year of transformation … you will need to shift to a higher, more positive consciousness. If your thoughts are negative, so too will your experiences. Moving to this higher consciousness will require some of you to mentally pay attention to what you are doing, thinking and saying. It may feel very uncomfortable and unnatural for you at first. After all, we have become a society that often ‘feeds’ off of others’ misfortunes and media negativity. However, in moving yourself away from that and to a higher consciousness, you will at the same time begin to align yourself with the natural vibrational pull of the Universe.

For this month of January, take the time to be silent. Take the time to ‘pay attention’ to what is going on with you inside. Be OK with how you are feeling … whether you are feeling ‘up’ or a little ‘down’, or if you are feeling ‘out of balance’ or excited and enthusiastic.

Listen to your thoughts. If your thoughts are negative … put them into a positive frame of reference. See the glass as half full, and the other half being full of potential!

Spend time being inspired. Whatever it is that inspires you … whether it is books, art, music, children, etc. … spend the time you need to feel that deep movement of inspiration.

Take the time this month for yourself … to bring into ‘balance’ that which is currently ‘out of balance’. For me, clearing away the clutter that seems to accumulate over the holidays, filling up and setting out the trash, cleaning up those areas I have ignored for the past several months … gives me the sense of having accomplished something important, and of being grounded and ready to ‘take on’ the year ahead.

And finally, always embrace our differences with acceptance. Recognize and let go of your judgments. They only hinder your ability to achieve those changes you began working on through 2012. Let’s make this the year of witnessing your full potentiality!

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