December Full Moon

Yesterday, December 28th, we celebrated December’s Full Moon. This moon is known by many names, depending on where you live. But some of the Native American names attributed to this past full moon include Long Night Moon (because of the long nights and the position of the sun to the moon), Cold Moon (because of winter’s grip), Big Winter Moon and Big Bear Moon, just to name a few. The names given to the Full Moon by the various Native American tribes were a reflection of the features of the season and influenced by the area of residence. I would have to say they all fit our current Full Moon … cold, long, winter nights and wanting to snuggled up and slumber long into the night (and maybe the next day) like a bear!!!

But this Big Bear Moon also brings us some other information and insight. As I wrote about in my December 2012 post, this month has been a month about letting go, and how acceptance can help you do just that. Now we are at the end of the month, with a new year soon to be rung in and the old one ending and falling behind us. The work you have done this year will help lead you into this next new year in a good and positive way.

This Big Bear Moon, glowing down upon you, brings you to this point of inner solitude … where your focus turns to the dawning of a new year and what you want that year to be … how you want that year to unfold … for you, your loved ones, and all the world.

The quiet that resides within you now … of peace and calm … is the pause often found between actions and activities. Like the pause we take when we are moving from one place or situation to the next … from the year of change, adjustment, transition, and shift (2012) to the new year of application, practice, refinement, enjoyment, and purification (2013). The pause that took place as we moved from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, and through the change of the winter Solstice.

During this time you may feel challenged as you work to stay in this place of quiet pause … holding that sense of calm, peace, love, and contentment … and not allowing others to drag you into their world of drama, chaos, victim-hood, turmoil and bedlam. Do not judge them for what you may not agree with … but quietly accept them for all they are and all the lessons they may be teaching you.

And remember … never lose sight of the work you have done to get to this place of quiet pause. And hold fast to the idea that January, 2013 holds in it your full potentiality to achieve your desired goals and dreams, and to live in a world of your own making.

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