December 2012

We are coming to the end of the year … and the end of the Mayan Calendar! I will be writing more about this in another post … however, as promised, I want to take this time to write about this month, December, in the year of 2012.

Many of you will agree that November was a very stormy and disruptive month. We had the storms in the east, where people are still trying to put their lives back in order. We had the elections, which drew the attention of people from all over the world … causing angst and happiness, sorrow and joy, dismay and encouragement.

As mentioned in my previous newsletters and postings, the over arching theme for this year has been change. While this theme has carried on throughout the year, it began taking serious shape back in September, when we needed to look closely at our action and reaction to people, events, and experiences, and how these were affecting our overall well-being … emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. In October we began reviewing those aspects of our life that were no longer comfortable, or no longer fit into our life style or the life we wanted to live. We made our decisions and formulated plans on what we were going to do about those aspects no longer serving us or hindering our ability to experience deep personal growth … riding the waves of the storms of November. So, what does December hold for us?

There are a number of things directly affecting this month (December), of this year (2012). Throughout this year of change, we have been working towards this point of completeness … where we realize the fruits of our labor and can taste the sweetness of our own personal growth and expansion. This is the month of letting go and acceptance. This is the time to release our grip of all those aspects of our life that we no longer want plaguing us… holding us back, holding us down, stifling us or snuffing out our very own creative, peaceful and vibrant Self. This is the time of releasing the grip of fear from our life … so we can breathe in life … our life … and experience our own truth, beauty, passion, joy and love.

Change often creates fear within us. It is said that no one likes change. Unfortunately for my husband and family, I kind of like it! I like the challenge of change … recognizing the limitations I put on myself when faced with change, and then overcoming those obstacles (also known as fears). Fear has a way of holding us frozen in time. Think about it. When frightened we take a very quick, deep breath and hold it. Everything stops. We are frozen for that moment. Once the initial fright is over, we begin to breathe again … slowly, quietly, calming our internal senses … unless, of course, whatever frightened us still remains. So, let’s imagine ourselves free from fear. Imagine the ‘landscape’ of your mind if there was nothing to fear. Imagine how limitless life would be if we could live a life of fearlessness.

With part of December’s theme being letting go … there naturally resides a little trepidation surrounding the finality of it. Acceptance, on the other hand, makes it all a lot easier to do. Acceptance of change, of the outcome of letting go, can help us move forward with less trepidation or fear. Each year, at the stroke of midnight … as we move from the old year into the new … we celebrate, often with great expectations, the dawning of the new year. Letting go of the old … with anticipation and acceptance of the new. Can we do the same thing with our lives?

Can we let go of those burdens we no longer want to drag along with us? Now that we have gone through the process of recognizing those aspects of our lives that no longer serve us in a good way, and have decided what we need to do to relieve ourselves of these burdens … can we let go of them? Can we accept and look forward to the positive changes letting go of these burdens will bring to us?


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