Weight Loss Program

While visiting my CranioSacral Therapist, Terry Purcell, last week, she showed me a flyer for an event she is hosting at her office. Terry recently went through this weight loss program herself and feels very strongly about its effectiveness, so she decided to share her experience with others who struggle with losing weight. Not being the expert on the program, Terry asked Carol Maurer, who was her coach and an R.N., to come and talk about this program.

According to the flyer, it is not food choices, exercise or even lack of will power preventing you from losing and keeping weight off … the problem is your body is losing the wrong kind of weight! 

There are 3 different kinds of fat … structural fat protecting your joints and organs, and essential fat that is distributed evenly throughout your body and used as your energy resource. The third type is abnormal fat. These abnormal fat reserves are difficult, if not impossible, to release during normal diet and exercise. They are typically retained as ’emergency’ reserves and usually only released as a last resort during long-term starvation.

The program, DesBio’s Evolution Weight Management program is designed to help you lose the right kind of fat. Monday, October 29th at 6:30pm, Terry and Carol will be presenting this program to anyone interested in learning about losing weight. I suggest you call and reserve a seat. Terry’s office number is 248-891-5640.

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