One Nation, All People

Last week on Facebook ( I posted a picture (click here to see it … Fully Native) that pretty much says it all. People should not be judged or labeled based on their blood lines or ancestry … but instead, through what is in their heart, their mind, and their deeds. As Americans you often hear how we are the melting pot of nations, of people. Our blood is mixed. Fewer and fewer people can honestly say, with a high degree of certainty that their bloodline is 100% of any one culture. But, the question is … does it really matter?

Does it matter what blood flows through your veins? Does it make you a better person? Does it make you more ‘genuine’ if your bloodline is purely, 100% Native American? Irish? German? Lebanese? Italian? French? Is there a culture of people where only goodness and light exists within their people? Where there exists no judgement, no malice, no greed, and no harmful intent, but only acceptance, love, respect, truth, honor and humility?

I do not understood how people can be so judgmental of each other … or, how they can be so cruel and selfish, and even barbaric at times. While raising my children I noticed how cruel children could be to one another … and wondered where they learned such behavior. I wondered when and where the sense and sensibility of kindness would take hold in them and whether they would ever regret their childish actions.

I know these behaviors have been passed down through the ages … all one has to do is pick up the Bible or read a little history, for the pages are filled with barbaric and horrific acts of aggression and war. It seems most cultures and religions have attempted to attack and destroy each other and their associated ideals since the beginning of time.

I recently read the book “The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveal Our Genetic Ancestry” by Bryan Sykes. Professor Sykes, from Oxford University, over the past 10+ years has been working to identify the origins of our bloodlines. While the book is quite interesting and provides the reader a great deal of information and insight into our origins, let me just say that the basis of the information centers around 7 maternal mothers (and their DNA) from which all of us have descended.

The maternal mother for most of us, Xenia, lived about 25,000 years ago on the cold European tundra along the edge of the Black Sea. With the onset of the last Ice Age, the climate grew colder, and her descendants began to spread out to the East and West. Her clan’s DNA can now be found throughout Europe, as well as North, South and Central America. The other six daughters also moved throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, and have been identified through various DNA samples gathered throughout the world.

So it doesn’t matter what blood line you come from, or how much blood you have from some specific culture or nation. Most of us here in North, South and Central America all came from the same maternal mother, Xenia. And, being a mother myself, I recognize that children do fight among themselves … but do we have to act as though there is something terribly vile about our differences? Do we have to be cruel and inhumane towards those who may not think or worship in a particular way? Do we have to destroy a culture and way of life that is different from our own? Can’t we accept our differences and learn from them? Can we stop being afraid of the unknown and take the time to listen and learn about something that is today foreign? Can we drop our superiority complex and see all people as our brothers and sisters?

No one single culture has the ‘lock’ on good intentions, wisdom, truth, honor or respect. As well, no one single culture has the ‘lock’ on bad or evil intentions, greed, lust, anger or disgrace. Each of us are responsible for our own behavior and actions, and how we choose to treat others, Mother Earth, animals, etc., says a lot about who we are. Individually we often think the world (if not the universe) revolves around us … nothing and no one is more important than ourselves or what is going on in our life, our thoughts, our world. We often forget that there are other people in this world that have lives that may be as complex and overwhelming as our own, and filled with anxiety, stresses, and crisis we can’t even imagine. When we are on a ‘high’ over life, can we still reach out and hold the hand of someone whose life is at a ‘low’? Can we slice a piece of time out of our day to add a little ‘lift’ to someone who is having difficulty or to help someone for no apparent reason, but just because you can?

Can you look across the table, the room, the city or the country and witness people as your brothers and sisters … and not see their race, creed or color? Can you witness what is in their heart through their own good intentions, and through your own?

This is a time to set aside jealousies, judgments and fears. This is a time to open your heart and your mind to witnessing how we are all connected; how we are all from Xenia, our ancient maternal mother, and from our Source … whatever you may call it; how we all breathe the same air, drink from the same source, require the same needs to sustain life; how we see the same stars, sun and moon; and, how we all look to Mother Earth for our food, clothing, shelter, etc.

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