The Age of Aquarius

Remember that song from back in the sixties? Some of you might be too young, but it starts out … “When the moon is in the 7th House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.”

As mentioned in my previous blog, the Mayan Calendar is coming to an end on December 21, 2012, at 11:11 a.m. GMT. But what does that really mean? No one knows for sure … perhaps the Maya people did, but today no one knows for certain. It is the ushering in of a new age … the age of Aquarius, and the end of an old one … the age of Pisces. People everywhere are talking about the Mayan Calendar … whether they believe it means anything or not.

Many years ago, I used to hear people talking about this time in history and how we would be moving from one dimension to the next. They would explain to me about how there were these ‘veils’ that separated the dimensions, and people who could see into the other dimension(s) were able to see beyond or ‘lift’ the veils. Being a seer myself, I still had a hard time wrapping my mind around that concept … and for the most part I still do.

Today you can see all of the obvious changes that are taking place, and often hear about people’s experiences with nature and the unseen realms about them. You often hear about how they used their intuition and how it benefited them in some good and profound way.   But, if we are moving into another dimension with the age of Aquarius, what happens to an ‘ordinary’ person, who doesn’t see beyond the veils or is unable to ‘lift’ the veils? What happens to the person who doesn’t ever use their intuition and doesn’t believe in intuition? Does that shift to the next dimension leave them stranded somewhere else? Or will they have a sudden awakening to this new reality, this new dimension? I think not.

Coming from my own awareness, my own ‘sight’, I believe these ‘veils’ are being lifted. More and more people are having experiences … witnessing things they have never witnessed before. Some may say it is because they are ‘looking’ for something or are paying more attention to what is actually going on around them. Perhaps that is true. But the images, as I see them, are clearer than ever before and the messages are louder than ever.

Several years ago I had an experience on some sacred Native American land in a remote area in northern Ontario. I had seen some visions of things that have yet to pass. They were disturbing images, but the messages were that of hope and great energetic change here on Mother Earth. I don’t know whether or not those images are yet to materialize somewhere in the world, or if they were a warning of things to come if we don’t take better care of our world. But they were clear and profound … and have begun to reappear in my time of quiet and meditation. As I said, the images were disturbing, but the messages are not … they are of hope and the potentiality of what can be here on Mother Earth once again.

I was also told, back those many years ago, that what thoughts, words and deeds we put forth, were the same ones that would come back on us. So, the more positive, happy and uplifting actions we took, the more the same would come to us. On the other hand … the more negativity we spread, the more we would be surrounded by it. And, I was told … as we moved towards and into the Age of Aquarius, these same results would be sped up and become almost instantaneous. Positive, happy and uplifting actions would spread throughout the world, reflecting back at us, but negative actions, thoughts and deeds would boomerang right back at you instantly.

Let’s celebrate the Age of Aquarius! Let’s usher it in on the wings of joy and fill our hearts and homes with the anticipation of all that the old 60’s song talked about … peace and love. As the song says … ‘let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sun shine in!!’


One thought on “The Age of Aquarius

  1. Good morning Gayle. Thanks for the great words regarding our future as we plan it. We do have choices and the ability to create change. I am so ready for another visit your your place. I still feel great after a day in the “Arbor” Apple Island is waiting for us to visit. The politics and bull shit try to make barriers, but that island will remain strong. Can’t wait to take you there. I am off to the woods and will connect with you soon.



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