2012 … the year of change

We are three-quarters of the way through the year and it is proving to be what so many have said it was going to be … the year of change. Mystics, seers, Mayans, Nostradamus, and others have talked about this year … more precisely, December 21, 2012 … for decades.

When I first started hearing about the predictions and prophecies of 2012, I was quite young and deeply interested in what people were predicting. At first I heard the world was going to come to an end … Armageddon theories, which I found quite frightening. I wondered why I had brought my children into a world that was going to end! So, I began my search for understanding.

I began by reading everything I could get my hands on (which I still do to this day…but a much larger variety!). I read Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Hopi and Mayan books, as well as books by other well-known seers, psychics and mystics. About 25 years ago I had a client bring me a map that depicted what the earth would look like in or after 2012. This map was the creation of Gordon Michael Scallion. So naturally I started picking up on his work. (For an example of the map I saw, click here.)

I found trying to figure out the Mayan Calendar was more difficult to read than I had hoped … so I turned to others who could interpret the calendar better than I (which would be just about anyone!). I discovered there were a lot of calendars and other time keeping methods out there that pointed to the same end date or a date very closely aligned with 12/21/12. Most talked about a time of cleansing … purification, and the return of the feminine energy and wisdom … a time of nurturing, mentoring, healing, and love.

It seems in the last few years, the Mayan Calendar has gotten a great deal of focus and attention. Everyone seems to be looking at and trying to decipher the symbolic, practical and mystical meanings and messages found in the Mayan Calendar, especially since so many of their writings were lost when the Spanish captured their land, temples and villages. Without going into a great deal of detail, I will attempt to explain the Mayan Prophecy based on a small portion of their calendar.

The Mayan creation stories talk of the destruction of 3 previous worlds or realms, and 2012 marking the end of our present world or realm. As each realm comes to an end, it becomes a time of purification. And, as each realm comes to an end, it gives birth to a new realm, a new world, a new age. What had not been working in the previous realm is destroyed, making room for new growth, new seeds, new ideas, new ways to continue and move forward.

No one knows for certain what realm or age we are currently in, or what will occur at the end of this calendar year. We are, however, going through an end cycle. No where does the ancient Maya say much about what will actually occur at the end of this calendar year. Separateing what the Maya actually say versus what others have interpreted or predict is at times difficult. We have heard that fire will be the destroyer, purifying the earth, and following that will be a time of transformation, when Kukulkan returns. Kukulkan is the feathered serpent or plumed god credited with developing the Mayan culture and teaching the people how to write and heal. He is also called Quetzalcoatl by the Aztec people, and is the master of many realms, governing the wind and rain. The return of Kukulkan represents a rising of consciousness, and a return of the ancient wisdom, where people are drawn together and united as their own internal energy centers begin to awaken, elevating their consciousness.

The prophecies are part of the katun cycles, which run in 20 year cycles. The current katun is 4 Ahau began on April 6, 1993 and will end December 21, 2012. Each katun, or 20 year cycle, has a ‘theme’ based on past historical events. Our current katun talks of “remembering (old) knowledge and writing it down”, food shortages, many people dying, increased violence, mistrust of ‘governing’ institutions (e.g., religions, governments), and a scarcity of resources.

The ‘theme’ of the next katun (20 year cycle) is believed to be a time of ending greed, a time of ending displeasure, fighting, and annoyances. It is the final days of misfortune.  There will be earth changes in the form of storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, stones and fire falling on our heads, and tsunamis.

Many people, including Gordon Michael Scallion, predict earth changes during this time. The stones and fire falling on our heads could be due to volcanic eruptions, bombs or even asteroids from above. But if we look at the predictions, and look at where we are today, with governments being over turned, lack of confidence in our leaders, the fighting that is taking place all over the world, the disease and illnesses that plague so many, and the sense of insecurity so many people are feeling today … everything that has been predicted … especially the time of purification … is happening right now, right here, today.

If we look at the predictions as symbolic, they represent change … large changes in how we live, how we view the world, how we interact with others, how we treat our natural resources, how we act and react to events in our daily lives.

There are books galore about doomsday … it seems fear mongering is a big and ‘healthy’ business these days. And many, many people, turning to those they trust and believe in, can easily get caught up in the scary, negative web weaved by the media and other ‘authority’ figures and speakers.

We can look at all of the changes taking place around us and be fearful of them, or we can look to the future and embrace the possibilities of what it may hold for you and all those you love, knowing all will be well in the end.  It is up to each of us. Our thoughts, words and deeds are powerful forces. They effect the circumstances of our lives. If we choose to take care of our neighbor, to take care of our natural resources (Mother Earth and all she gives to us), to eradicate greed and our desire to always wanting more, to stopping prejudice and judgement and learning to live in a world of acceptance (even if it is just your own little world), to returning to the natural order of life and awakening our spiritual self, and becoming a kinder, gentler, more nurturing society … we will all benefit from it.

You have a choice … you can focus on the fear of change and on the destruction of the old, or you can focus on creating a new and better place for you and all those who come after you. What you focus your attention and energy on, is what you will create for yourself. And what you create for yourself will effect all that exists around you.

So, the prophecies speak of the massive changes taking place. I believe we can all see them happening … in every aspect of our lives. The prophecies run from total and complete annihilation to shifts in the earth’s axis to the Milky Way collapsing to the return of Spirits, Guides and Gods. No one knows for certain … that much we do know for sure! But we are in it and going through it. It has been and will continue to be quite a ride! Every aspect of our life is effected by it … that we can be sure of. Fearing it will only create more fear around it. So take the time to witness and embrace it … for there is no stopping it!


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