Richard Johnson, my son-in-law

My son-in-law Richard, whom some of you met at our Wisdom Weekend this past June, is leaving for Afghanistan Thursday for the third time. Since he works for the National Post in Toronto, he will be posting or blogging everyday about his trip. Needless to say, we all hold our breath when he is gone … but his stories and illustrations are tremendous and keeps us ‘in touch’. Although he is a great photographer, he is a truly amazing illustrator.
You can take a look at his first story, and all subsequent stories, from this trip by clicking on … He will be gone at least 6 weeks, so take a look from time to time at his work and stories. The thoughts may be just the thing that helps keep him safe.

One thought on “Richard Johnson, my son-in-law

  1. You must be very proud. His illustrations are marvelous!

    My niece returned to Afghanistan for her second tour this past May. A member of her unit was recently killed and 5 more injured, actually, it was a week and a half ago. We found out the night of her brothers wedding here in the states.

    I wish your son in law a safe journey and send prayer his way for a safe return.

    Diane Tomsick


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