Backpack for Kids Program

It’s that time of the year when parents and kids are looking towards the start of the new school year. However, with the economy in Michigan the way it is, some parents are finding it difficult to come up with the supplies needed to send their child(ren) off to school fully prepared. While many of the Backpack Programs you find center around feeding children over the weekend, the program I am supporting is currently focused on supplying the items needed to be productive in school. (This is not to say, however, I will not in the future begin or participate in a Backpack Program for Kids that sends home food for them for the weekend.)

Below is our wish list of items.

 Backpacks – sturdy
 Pencils – No. 2 & mechanical pencils
 Pencils – Colored
 Pencil box/pencil zippered bag
 Pens – red, black, blue (regular, erasable)
 Crayons (24-pack)
 Markers (washable, unscented, primary colors)
 Highlighters
 Glue sticks
 Ruler
 Scissors
 Erasers – small & large (pink type)
 Folders – two pocket (Duo-Tang or similar)
 Paper – three ring loose leaf
 Notebooks – spiral

The school year is FAST approaching, so please, if you are interested, we need to move fast on this! I would like to receive your donations before Labor Day Weekend! If you are interested in helping support our future through this program, please contact me at 248-865-1735 or contact me by clicking here!

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