Vision Quest

As a Nation of People, we have moved away from the simple ways of life that had kept us in touch with Nature, the Great Mystery and our guiding Spirits. Today we turn to a variety of stores, service centers, agencies and healthcare providers for our food, clothing, housing, protection, and medicines. Because we turn to so many others for guidance and to tell us what we need to know, we rarely take the time to listen to, connective with, or witness that which surrounds and guides us (or tries to guide us) in a way that is in our own best interest.

The Vision Quest is a way for people to disconnect from the mundane, hectic and chaotic way of life and (re)connect with their internal voice or Spirit. Through this connection with Spirit, people are able to seek answers to whatever problems may be plaguing them … physical, emotional, or spiritual.

It is during this time, usually spent alone in the wilderness, that we seek our truth and our connection to the Divine. Left alone in a 10 foot circle with nothing more than a tent and sleeping bag, it becomes a time of internal transformation and renewal of the Spirit.

We will be offering the Vision Quest in two forms this year … the Warrior Quest and the Gatherer Quest. When doing the Warrior Quest, you are left alone in the wilderness for up to 4 days. Someone will check on you each day, but it a time of isolation. When doing the Gatherer Quest, you are in a large circle with others in the wilderness for up to 2 days.

More information about these two Vision Quests will be presented within the next couple of weeks; however, if you are interested, please contact us!

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