Wisdom Keepers’ Weekend Update

Everyone is getting ready for the weekend! There is so much work behind the scenes when it comes to preparing an event like this, that it can become quite mind boggling! For one thing, we built a new arbor … I like to call it the Gathering Arbor, because we will gather in this space for many, many future events, starting with the Wisdom weekend!

Building the Gathering Arbor was a labor of love … led and conducted by Gary Meritt, my son-in-law. It had a very transforming effect on him and everyone who had the pleasure of working on it. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, but it holds an amazing spiritual presence. You have to be in it to truly experience it. The pictures on Facebook cannot do it justice!

Bringing together the Elders. What a great group of Elders we have to speak! From many different walks of life, from a variety of geographical locations, carrying similar but varied traditions (Lakota, Ojibwa, Passamaquoddy, Cherokee), and all speaking from their heart and ancient ways.

The Council has been busy working on crafts and sprucing up the Medicine Wheel, repairing the tipi, planting and weeding the gardens, and attending Ceremonies.

In addition, so many people have stepped up, volunteering their time and effort to make this weekend a success. You will have an opportunity to meet these dedicated souls during the weekend as they help you find your way to registration, parking, the Arbor, canteen and vendors.

We all look forward to having you present and participating in the events, the songs, dance, and music of the weekend!

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