Raw Milk & Our Government

I am sorry I keep harping on this topic … but it is sad to see our own government harassing honest citizens trying to provide wholesome goods and services that many other citizens want desperately to obtain.

Raw milk innovator and Rawesome Foods coordinator James Stewart was ambushed by the legal system in California yesterday when he appeared for a preliminary hearing on the multiple felony charges that the state has leveled against him for running a raw dairy food distribution center.

In court yesterday, he was slapped with a $1 million warrant issued by the county. Sharon Palmer, one of the sweetest moms and ranch-hands you’ll ever meet, was slapped with a $2 million warrant and was marched away in handcuffs as well.

As you can see, selling fresh milk in California is now considered worse than being a child rapist or a murderer. The state is desperately trying to shut these people up, so it is waging a campaign of outright political terrorism against the raw dairy industry.

As of today, James Stewart and Sharon Palmer are political prisoners of the state of California. Amnesty International is being contacted to see if they may help free these political prisoners from the gulag justice system where simply producing real food is a crime.

Along those lines, NaturalNews just released a new infographic that explains the difference between (fresh) raw milk and (dead) pasteurized milk. Definitely worth sharing! Check out this beautiful graphic for yourself:


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