Raw Milk

As a child, I grew up on milk straight from the cow. My father would go out in the morning, milk the cow, and bring it in for us kids to put on our cereal.  When we moved from the farm, we had a milkman who brought us milk in glass bottles with the cream on the top. When we could no longer get milk that wasn’t pasteurized, I developed allergies to it and haven’t been able to enjoy a glass of milk in almost 40 years.

It is sad that we cannot have the foods in the way they were naturally intended. Some people feel milk from cows isn’t healthy for you or wasn’t intended for us to drink. Given the state of our milk today … I would have to agree. It is far from a healthy food! When it comes to our governmental agencies, they are either not educated enough (like the FDA) or are more interested in helping the lobbyists than the people they are supposed to be serving.

Then we have the CDC, who is actively trying to discredit the advantages of raw milk. We can’t get raw milk here in Michigan … why? I have no reasonable idea or answer for that … but we can’t.

Did you know that pasteurized milk is dirty? It is contaminated with blood, feces and pus! What would you rather drink … or serve to your children?

For more information … click on this link … http://www.naturalnews.com/035039_raw_milk_pasteurized_CDC.html

3 thoughts on “Raw Milk

    1. Much of the soy milk sold here is not good for you … especially men! Things to avoid when buying soy milk … don’t buy it if the expiration date is way out there! There will be additives in it to extend its shelf life. Don’t buy it if it is NOT made from real whole soy beans. Much of the soy milk found in our stores is made from soy protein or soy isolate. Also, make sure it doesn’t have sugars added to it … like brown rice syrup. To get a good soy milk, go to a health food store that sells a good, healthful product. To get the health benefits of soy, I eat (and love) tofu. For milk I use almond milk.


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