Ancient Wisdom for 2012 Transformation

Wisdom Keepers’
Ancient Wisdom for 2012 Transformation
June 22 – 24, 2012 

Come and spend a weekend in Spirit!!

Sit by the Sacred Fire in the Cedar Water Healing Lodge’s beautiful, quiet, sacred Arbor.

Witness the lighting of the Sacred Fire Ceremony and participate in the offerings.

Listen to the Elders speak of Tradition, Ancient Teachings and Prophecies … helping guide you through this time and for years to come.

Learn Cultural Teachings from multiple Nations and Traditions.

Hear what the Elders have to say about the Changes and how to “weather the storm”.

Pray, Study and Share ways of bringing peace to our precious Mother Earth and All Our Relations.

Attend our Saturday evening Healing Ceremony and experience a Traditional Healing for yourself.

Participate in one or more breakout sessions and learn about Women’s Moon Teachings, the Medicine Wheel, Ancient Herbs & Healing, and more.

Hear and see our Traditional Dancers, Singers and Drummers perform! Bring your own drum, shaker, rattle, or tambourine and join in the music!

For pricing information click here!

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